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There are a number of health benefits of the Acai berry which result in the Acai berry being listed as a Superfood, this term, generally reserved for the best that nature has to offer is not given lightly. The proven health benefits of the Acai juice and other forms of the Acai berry stem from the Amazon palm tree in which is it harvested. This pristine location, within the rainforests of Brazil is home to a number of plants that produce high antioxidant fruits.If you are prone to colds or have a low immune system the flavenoids in the berry aid in protecting against disease and other forms of deteriation. For those with poor eyesight, the presence of regenerative properties helps to strengthen visual activity and help protect against forms of eye disease.

In short the health benefits are vast and center of the antioxidant qualities of the Acai berry which mean that it is both antibacterial and anti inflammatory, making it a popular choice with health professionals. The benefits are overwhelming and as such it has been classed as a Superfood.

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